Site-directed Mutagenesis
Site-directed mutagenesis introduces changes to DNA fragments by PCR method, including deletion, insertion and point mutation, which is the most useful means of gene modification and optimization and also is the important tool to study the complicated relation between the protein structure and functions. General Biosystems can customize site-directed mutagenesis protocol according to different research purposes. Our specialized services enable you to obtain mutant constructs quickly.
Service Descriptions
  • General Biosystems will design and optimize the experimental program to get accurate experimental results.
  • Please provide the required plasmid with related information.
  • Please provide the original gene sequence with sequencing chromatograms and mutant target sequence. If you can't provide the sequencing chromatogram, we will charge the sequencing cost.
  • Please provide a sufficient amount of high purity plasmid, concentration ≥100ng/μl, total volume ≥40μl. Electrophoresis and plasmid map are clear, no degradation.
  • Service Procedure
    Service Options
    Fragment length Mutation number Price
    <1000bp 1 Inquire
    2 Inquire
    3 Inquire
    1000~3000bp 1 Inquire
    2 Inquire
    3 Inquire
    3001~5000bp 1 Inquire
    2 Inquire
    3 Inquire
    >5000bp 1 Inquire
    2 Inquire
    3 Inquire
    Standard Deliverables
    - 2 tubes of 5 μg of lyophilized plasmid containing target gene
    - 200μl glycerin bacteria containing the plasmid
    - Sequencing results and alignment results
    Ordering Information
    Or download and fill out the order form below and email to Our sales representative will contact you within 24 hours.