Custom Gene Synthesis
With rich experience, sophisticated equipment, and advanced gene design software, General Biosystems can synthesize genes of any length and complexity to suit your needs. Genes of up to 3,000 bp are normally synthesized in 1-2 weeks!
Features & Benefits
  • Free codon optimization upon request.
  • Accept genes over 40-kb in length.
  • Flexible cloning choices: standard cloning, custom cloning and GB Seamless Cloning.
  • Free subcloning into one of our standard vectors.
  • As low as $49 for subcloning into any vector of our choice.
  • As fast as 5 Business Days, on average 2 weeks turn around time.
  • 100% sequence-guaranteed synthetic genes of the highest quality.
  • Service Procedure
    Service Options
    Sequence Length Delivery time Price
    <500bp 5~8 Business days $99/Gene
    500bp~1499bp 8~10 Business days $0.19/bp
    1500bp~2999bp 12~14 Business days $0.19/bp
    3000bp~4999bp 16~22 Business days $0.30/bp
    5000bp~5999bp 25~30 Business days $0.35/bp
    6000bp~6999bp 25~30 Business days $0.40/bp
    7000bp~7999bp 25~30 Business days $0.45/bp
    8000bp~8999bp 25~30 Business days $0.50/bp
    9000bp~9999bp 25~30 Business days $0.55/bp
    >10,000bp Inquire Inquire

    Standard Deliverables
    - 2-5 ug Lyophilized DNA in tubes or plates
    - Plasmid map (Electronic)
    - Sequence chromatograms covering your gene (electronic)
    - Certificate of Analysis (COA)
    Special notice: We promise not to release or use customer's gene sequence or other related information in any forms. We will not keep primers, constructs or strains one month after product delivery unless requested by their owners.

    For batch orders, please order our High-throughput Gene Synthesis Service starting from as low as $0.16/bp (Min order size: 10 genes).
    Vector Information
    -Our standard vector is PUC57_BsaI_Free/pBlueScript II SK(+). Synthetic genes can be cloned into the standard vector for free.
    -Cloning into our in stock commercial vectors is only $29. Please click here to view the vector maps.
    -Any other vectors must be provided by the customer along with the full-length sequence and/or map. We now offer free, secure storage of your custom vectors for future use. Cloning into custom vectors is only $99.
    Ordering Information
    Or download and fill out the order form below and email to . Our sales representative will contact you within 24 hours.