High-throughput Gene Synthesis
The rapid development of synthetic biology has put increasingly higher demands for large scale gene synthesis. To meet such demands, General Biosystems pioneered high-throughput on-chip gene synthesis technology. General Biosystems has the world`s leading technology in the field and can provide customers with quick and inexpensive high-throughput gene synthesis service, especially for the synthesis of large numbers of gene fragments and long genomic sequences.
Features & Benefits
  • Free codon optimization.
  • Free subcloning into one of our standard vectors.
  • 100% sequence guarantee.
  • Higher throughput and lowest cost on market.
  • Service Procedure
    Service Options
    Sequence Length Price Delivery time Minimum Order
    <500bp $79/gene
    10 Business Days 10 genes
    500~1200bp $0.16/bp
    15 Business Days 10 genes
    1201~3000bp $0.18/bp
    20 Business Days 10 genes
    >3000bp Inquire Inquire 10 genes
    Standard Deliverables
    - 2-5 ug Lyophilized DNA in tubes or plates
    - Plasmid map (Electronic)
    - Sequence chromatograms covering your gene (electronic)
    - Certificate of Analysis (COA)
    Ordering Information
    Or download and fill out the order form below and email to order@generalbiosystems.com . Our sales representative will contact you within 24 hours.