Oligo Pool
DNA oligo pool is a mixture of large numbers of different oligos in fmole to nmole range. General Biosystems can synthesize DNA oligo pools according to customer specifications.
Service Features
  • Oligo length range from 5-125 bases, pool size up to 103-4
  • Chip synthesized or plate synthesized
  • Range from fmole to nmole depending on synthesis method
  • Amount of each oligo can be equalized
  • Low error rate
  • Service Options
    Product Description Length Amount
    Oligo Pool-Chip Chip synthesized 5-125 bases fmole-pmole
    Oligo Pool-Plate Plate synthesized
    5-125 bases pmole-nmole
    Standard Deliverables
    - Lyophilized powder or in solution at specified concentration.
    Ordering Information
    Or download and fill out the order form below and email to order@generalbiosystems.com . Our sales representative will contact you within 24 hours.