Technical Support



Do I get the same amount of oligo as indicated in the scale?

    No. The synthesis scale you order indicates the amount of 3’ base to start the synthesis of your oligo. Since oligonucleotide synthesis (or any chemical reaction) is never 100% efficient, the amount of final product recovered after synthesis and purification steps (yield) will always be less than the starting amount used for synthesis. The yield depends on the size of the oligonucleotide, the coupling efficiency, and the base composition. Modifications, secondary structures, and purification services further affect the final yield. General Biosystems offers guaranteed yields based on all of these factors that define the minimum amount of oligo you receive. More often than not, synthesis yields more material than the minimum guaranteed, however if more than the minimum material is required for your experiments then we highly recommend a higher synthesis scale. Please contact our Technical Support Department at 919-650-1213 or if you have any questions about the scale and yield.