Custom Gene Library
Gene library refers to a collection of large numbers of long DNA sequences (> 200bp). These sequences can be related or unrelated. Libraries of related sequences include sequence variants or mutant library, codon variants library, amino acid sequence variants library, regulatory sequence combination library, etc. Libraries of unrelated sequences can include any DNA sequences. General Biosystems can help customers to design and synthesize any type of gene libraries according to customer’s specifications. These libraries can be cloned into a vector or exist as linear double-stranded DNAs.
Features & Benefits
  • Experienced expert team.
  • Reliable and advanced gene synthesis technology.
  • Scarless cloning procedure.
  • Comprehensive project management.
  • Service Procedure
    - Lyophilized library DNA in tube or plates
    - Certificate of Analysis (COA)
    Special notice: We promise not to release or use customer's gene sequence or other related information in any forms. We will destroy all primers, plasmids and strains one month after the products have been delivered.
    Ordering Information
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