General Biosystems, Inc. is a US-based biotech company that pioneers the field of synthetic biology and gene synthesis. It is passionate about understanding the way genetic information is stored and programmed in DNA and used to direct various biological processes. With this knowledge, it develops innovative technologies and instruments to program and physically write or print new genetic codes. These new codes will form the blueprints for novel or improved biological functions and systems. These new biosystems will have broad applications and benefit human life and society in major ways.
Scientists at General Biosystems are pioneers in genomics, proteomics, systems biology, synthetic biology and bioengineering. In the field of genomics, they have been involved in decoding the human genome and the genomes of various other organisms. They have contributed to major cancer genome projects for understanding the genetic cause of cancer and other genetic diseases. In the field of synthetic biology, they have pioneered the technology of using microchip to economically synthesize oligonucleotide pools and gene libraries, and built the world's first parallel on-chip gene synthesizer. They have also developed sophisticated software programs to design and optimize complex gene libraries and genetic systems. In the biotechnology front, they have developed technology platforms for empirically optimizing protein expression to achieve specified expression levels and maximum solubility. These new technologies are ushering synthetic biology and biological research into a new era.