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    Intelligent bacteria for detecting disease

    Synthetic biologists developed a digital amplifying genetic switch that enables engineered bacteria to detect and report low levels of biomarkers in complex serum and urine samples. The insertion of one or more genetic “transistor” into bacteria transforms them into microscopic calculators. The electrical signals used in electronics are replaced by molecular signals that control gene expression. It is thus now possible to implant simple genetic “programs” into living cells in response to different combinations of molecules. This work is the first step in the use of programmable cells for medical diagnosis.
    To support your research on the engineering of artificial genetic systems that can be modified on demand to detect different molecular disease markers, General Biosystems offers a whole range of Gene Synthesis and Molecular Biology services:
    1. Gene synthesis starting at $0.16/bp.
    2. Site-directed Mutagenesis – any mutation in any sequence
    3. Plasmid/Pathway Assembly